Dress for Success at Your Holiday Party


Australians love parties and look forward to holiday parties all year long, with the possible exception of the office Christmas party. The office party may be the only occasion all year when it’s possible to mingle socially with everyone in the company, from the CEO on down. This is a great opportunity to impress decision-makers, but should not be treated lightly. Deciding what to wear can be challenging for anyone, including those wearing plus size womens clothing in Australia.

What Not to Wear

The guiding rule could be, “If in doubt, don’t wear it.” This is especially true if the party is a formal or semi-formal affair. Not only will the boss be attending, but the boss’s boss and their spouses or partners. Look elegant, not sexy. Impress with poise and confidence, not with plunging necklines. Careers can be made or destroyed at a company party.


Too-revealing or sheer clothing
Outfits that are too casual for the occasion
Too-heavy makeup. Go for a classic, natural look
Too much jewellery.

When picking an outfit, think first about your body type, not your age.

While basic black is considered safe, don’t wear it if it doesn’t suit you. Forest green, navy, or burgundy might be better choices
Consider an elegant pants and top outfit if you don’t feel like wearing a dress
Matching hose or tight colors to the outfit creates a slimmer silhouette for anyone, including those wearing plus size womens clothing
Simplicity is better than anything that is over-fussy.

A Few Suggestions…

Lovely Lace by Chocolat – slimming lace, short sleeves, scooped neckline
Chic Chiffon by Obi – black chiffon underdress, white chiffon tunic with black chiffon shawl
Savanna Style by Chocolat – black sheath dress with black and white patterned thigh-high jacket
Shoulder Showstopper by Chocolat – semi-sheer dress with cut-out shoulder, revealing but classy
The Long and the Short by Chocolat – long floaty tee combined with 7/8 pants.

All of the above outfits and many more that are suitable for office parties, barbecues, or everyday wear can be found at Zebrano Australia (www.zebrano.com.au). They specialise in plus size womens clothing in Australia and can be found in stores throughout Australia or online. In addition to Chocolat and Obi, Zebrano carries designer clothing from Mela Purdie, Moss, Lala, Banana Blue and other favorites.

Your Easy Care Travel Wardrobe


Packing for a holiday may not be anyone’s idea of a great time, but knowing the essentials of how to do it properly can make it seem less like torture. Everyone aims to avoid airline baggage fees, and the best way to do that is to pack smartly. It’s actually possible to pack less and have just as many options as a fuller suitcase. The trick is to strategically pack the bag with pieces that coordinate with each other in a specific pattern that maximises the available space.

Maximise Space

Pack comfortable shoes around the edges of the bag. Belts, jewelry, and lingerie can fill in any gaps between the shoes. There’s no reason to leave any space open. Clothing should be laid flat on the case. It’s important for a traveler to never pack anything they wouldn’t wear at home. If they’ve never found an occasion to wear a piece before, it’s more than likely just going to take up valuable space in the suitcase.

Best Travel Clothing

Holiday clothing should be comfortable. Travelling is no fun when wearing brand new or otherwise uncomfortable clothing. There’s no need for a tourist to look like they stepped off a photo shoot. By dressing comfortably in attire that is appropriate for the climate, the trip will be a lot more enjoyable. It’s also important to pack clothing that can be worn in layers. This eliminates the need to go back to the hotel to change regularly and can help travelers make the most of their holiday.

Choosing Shades

It can be tempting to pack a lot of different outfits for a long holiday. However, if each piece in the suitcase isn’t compatible with at least two other pieces, there’s a good chance it will never be worn. By working with only a few different shades of plus size dresses in Australia that women can not only maximise their space in their bags, they can also have a more versatile wardrobe while they are on holiday. Limiting the choices makes it easier to choose something to wear and thus enables women to spend more time enjoying themselves on holiday and less time deciding on an outfit.

Pack a Backup Bag

Airlines lose luggage all the time. In most cases, the bags are located in time for the traveler to enjoy their holiday. Sometimes, this can cause a major inconvenience. That can be avoided by bringing along a backup bag of essentials. By including a bathing suit, some lingerie and an outfit to wear out the first night, a lost bag won’t cause too much stress.

Buy New Clothes

When the ultimate goal is to avoid baggage fees, one way to save a lot of money is to not pack much clothing at all. By purchasing mela purdie plus size in Australia and having it shipped to the travel destination, women can pack light on the way and, possibly, spend a little more on the way back home. Although this won’t prevent all fees, it can be a great option for those on a long holiday who will need a wide assortment of clothing. Retailers often offer deals on shipping for large orders, so doing this can further reduce travel costs.

If you don’t have the perfect clothes for your next holiday, don’t worry. Zebrano have the perfect clothing line for any plus size traveler. With a wide range of tops, bottoms, dresses and skirts, you’ll be sure to find the perfect attire for any event. Knowing the pieces can be returned if they don’t fit perfectly can give you peace of mind as you plan your next holiday. Our sizing chart will help you determine the best options so you won’t be left without something to wear for every day day of your trip. Shop online at www.zebrano.com.au to find the latest specials.”

Shopping Tips for Plus Size Fashion in Australia


The average Australian woman is plus size, wearing size 14-16. However, when walking through a mall and looking in the shop windows, it would appear that most Australian women wear, at most, a size 6, the dress size of a six foot tall runway model. There are certainly stores featuring plus size fashion in Australia, but the prices tend to be considerably higher than for comparable clothing in a smaller size.

Feeling Forgotten and Ignored

Larger women often say that they “have nothing to wear” for a very good reason. Plus size women have been feeling as though no one is paying attention to them and that they have been sent to the end of the line.

85% of the women in Australia have said that they have left clothing stores feeling embarrassed and ashamed about their size. 98% of those wearing a size 16 or over say that it is difficult to buy flattering and stylish clothing. Shoppers report that most stores seldom stock or sell plus size clothing in Australia at sizes above 16

The number of teens buying plus size fashion in Australia has almost doubled and fortunately, some retailers are paying attention to this market, recognising that stylish plus size clothing at a fair price is a winning combination. The increased number of clothes-happy and plus size teens is certainly encouraging this trend. However, even with a new recognition of the plus size market, these consumers still need to shop wisely to stay within their clothing budgets.

The Basics are Always in Style

Anyone on a budget (which includes most women) needs to concentrate on well-made staples as the foundation of their wardrobe. If these pieces can be found on sale or a high-end consignment shop, all the better. Adding inexpensive funky, fun accessories or seasonal clothing will greatly extend the number of outfits. With summer coming on, white bags will be very popular as will strappy sandals and big sunglasses.

These basic pieces can be worn for several seasons and compliment your unique style.

  1. A great-fitting jacket is an essential. Curvy figures look best in blazers and classic trenches
  2. Pencil or straight-cut skirts in go-with-anything colors, such as black, navy, and tan
  3. Dark wash, straight-leg jeans are flattering on almost every figure
  4. Blouses suitable for work, keeping in mind that button-front blouses can gap on busty women. Tunics are a great alternative.
  5. At least one pair of well-made, classic black pumps
  6. Stylish boots from Sam Edelman, Bandolino, or another designer carrying wider widths

Now, go crazy with accessories. Add tops in colors and patterns that call to you, brightly colored shoes, fun jackets, scarves in glorious patterns and colors, and jewelry that makes a statement. While the basic pieces will require an up-front investment, it’s always worth checking the end-of-season sales.

Locate a Good Tailor

Plus size women always have a problem finding clothing that fits correctly, especially if they need a professional look. Clothing is manufactured so that it will fit an average model. Curvy women are not often shaped exactly as the model used by the designer and manufacturer. Many of these women also tend to gain and lose weight periodically, further complicating their clothing dilemmas.

A good tailor can make the clothing fit properly so that it doesn’t bunch, pull, or gap. The most expensive item in the closet won’t look as it was designed to unless it is adapted to your body. Find quality clothing that fits the widest parts of the body and take it your tailor. He or she will be able to fit the garment so that it looks as it should. A less expensive but well-fitting garment will always look better than one that doesn’t hang properly. Wear clothing that looks as if it was custom made for you—because it was.

Investing in tailoring will pay off best on suits, professional dresses, and tailored blouses. This is definitely the way to “dress for success” with a polished, finished appearance.

Well-fitting Bras are Important

Bras are known as foundation garments for a reason. They make clothing fit and hang correctly. Most women, however, are wearing the wrong size bra. It’s perfectly understandable since breasts change sizes over time, but women tend to keep wearing the same size bra for years. Visit a high-end retailer that offers a bra-fitting service and find out which size and type of bra is most flattering. The bra will be more comfortable and clothing will look better. While it may cost more than you’re accustomed to spending, you’ll be glad that you purchased it.

Be Loyal to a Favorite Retailer or Brand

It’s always good (and fun) to shop around, but becoming a loyal customer also has its rewards. Retailers often have loyalty points or cards or special sales for regular customers. Store cards may or may not be a good deal, depending on the fees and interest rates. If the card couldn’t be paid in full every month, those charges could wipe out any savings for sale merchandise, but they do work well for some consumers.

Mela Purdie Plus Size Clothing

Mela Purdie has become a favorite for women shopping for plus size clothing in Australia and NZ. This Sydney-based company was founded in 2001 by an award-winning designer who feels strongly that clean, urban coordinates answer the need of modern fashionable women. The clothing is available in sizes 6-24.

“Clothes That Travel With You” is their exclusive line of Sport Luxe essentials that are crease-resistant and breathe, avoiding clingy clothing in hot weather. This line of Mela Purdie plus size clothing in Australia is perfect for any woman on the go or traveler.

You can shop online at Zebrano (www.zebrano.com.au) for Mela Purdie clothing and accessories or to purchase other plus size clothing brands online in Australia. Browse the Zebrano website to find must-haves for your wardrobe and find clothing that fits comfortably and always looks fabulous.

From the Catwalk to Your Home Make the Latest Fashion Trends Work for You


Stripes, bold prints, florals, sheers, ruffles, slip dresses, flats or boots? Whatever the latest fashion trend in New Zealand take a good look at your current wardrobe to see what new pieces will make good additions. Nothing worse than new clothes on hangars in your wardrobe that never get worn because you don’t have anything to wear them with or an occasion to wear them to!

The key to making the latest fashion trends work for you is to have a great base in your wardrobe of timeless pieces. A few key pieces, for example simple black pants, a black slip dress, a couple of neutral coloured tops (beige and white are classic) in simple styles are classic pieces. You can then update your wardrobe with a few purchases each season to compliment those you already have. Sometimes you may only need to update your accessories: a new scarf, necklace or earrings to be on trend for the season. No need to spend your hard-earned cash on items you may never wear!

“Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers, and style is what you choose.” (Lauren Hutton)

Items you choose should be comfortable and flattering to your body shape. A well designed top can skim over the areas you want to hide without compromising on style. Material choice is important too, flimsy sheers looks fabulous but require hand washing and can snag easily and then they are ruined. Bold, wide, brightly coloured stripes may look fabulous on the catwalk models as do the high neck ruffles and dangerously sheer dresses, but do those looks transfer well to everyday wear?

The high street fashion trends will take inspiration from the catwalk shows, so colours, prints and styles will filter down and be suitably tamed so you can actually wear them. Each season there are new releases of items you must have and walking around surrounded by the racks of designs can be overwhelming. Understand your clothing personality, what are you drawn to and what do you wear? Get to know what styles actually suit your shape and are flattering. If you are looking for a new top, wear your favourite pants or skirt to the shops to try on with those that catch your eye.

Sometimes it can be easier to shop online especially if you are what the industry considers plus size and fit more in the range 14 to 24 than you do size 14 and under. The high street stores do not always cater so well for the plus size fashion market. Checks and stripes are bold in black and white this season for a classic colour combination.

Fashion designer Mela Purdie has taken these colour and pattern trends and created pieces to flatter the shape of women in sizes 14 to 24. Mela Purdie is just one of the designers featured by Zebrano. We do take pre-orders of Mela Purdi plus size fashion and other items so you don’t miss out on your new favourite piece. At Zebrano we feature a range of designers with styles available to order online and have shipped to New Zealand. Our website is a great visual resource for plus size fashion inspiration. For plus size shopping online you will find a great range at sensible prices with Zebrano at www.zebrano.com.au.

Summer or Beach Wedding Wear Styles


You deserve to have your wedding day be a perfect celebration of your romance. Summer is an excellent time to hold your marriage ceremony and there are some amazing fashions to help accentuate your big day. Australian company Zebrano and their Mela Purdie design team offer exquisite plus size pieces for your summer or beach wedding.

Dressing for Your Wedding in the Sun

Whether you’re the bride, a bridesmaid, or a witness, at a wedding everyone should look their best. Fashion is an oft times over looked aspect of a wedding celebration but designs from Zebrano can have you looking fabulous for the ceremony. Flowing dresses and open styles are an elegant staple of summer and beach fashion for women as well as Mela Purdie’s signature designs.

For a more orthodox bride look the Georgette Asymmetric tunic, as well as the similar duster, make for a standout top or dress. Done in bright gold, either is perfect for giving you that beautiful glow on your wedding day.

For a more individualized look, the Mela Purdie Mousseline Trapeze Dress in Gauva is a colorful and distinctive dress for looking your most beautiful as you walk down the aisle. Also offered by Mela Purdie are the Apex Dress and All Season Dress. Both designs utilize dark fabrics but are loose and sleek pieces, perfect for a bride to be searching for a more personal wedding gown.

For guests or bridesmaids, both the Flora Nova Sway Dress and the Spear Print Audrey Dress are fantastic pattern based designs for a sophisticated summer fashion. The Mousseline Split Duster as well as the Gingham Studded Trapeze Dress are excellent choices for a magnificent unconventional look.

Designing the Perfect Fashions for Your Wedding Ceremony

Beginning her career in 1993 by winning five Australian Fashion Industry Awards for Lifestyle Fashion, Mela Purdie has perfected her style of simple, sophisticated designs ever since. Mela uses the most high quality textured knits, stretch suiting and laces, as well as the opulent travel Cashmere for all of her designs. Calling her work “Solutions to dressing for life on the move” Mela makes sure every design does not crush, will retain their shape, are durable, and are comfortable in all climates, making Mela’s designs the perfect fashion for your summer or beach wedding.

Zebrano, in conjunction with Mela Purdie plus size clothing in New Zealand, offers some of the best plus size options for summer and beach weddings. With invigorating new looks in plus size fashion New Zealand, Zebrano has something for every woman, no matter your style. In addition to the options listed above, Zebrano and Mela Purdie have a large range of designs, featuring grand plus size dresses, open skirts, and chic pant options, to have you looking your most incredible for your wedding ceremony.

If you’re looking for plus size fashion inspiration for your beach or summer wedding look no further than Zebrano and Mela Purdie design. For the upmost in plus size shopping online visit Zebrano at www.zebrano.com.au. Whether you are a member of the wedding party, the bride, or a guest of honor, Zebrano has the plus size fashions you’re after for your beach or summer wedding!

Are You a Plus-size Women? 5 Easy Ways to Update Your Wardrobe


The $17.5 billion plus-size apparel market is experiencing a boom. There are two main reasons for this development. One, older consumers are becoming more confident and experimenting with fashion like they never did previously. Also, an increasing number of younger customers who seek plus size clothing in Australia want to wear the same fashions as others.

There is also a growing focus on plus-size beauties in the fashion industry and the celebration of real women with curves. The 2016 swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated featured plus-size model Ashley Graham. And Glamour magazine recently included comedienne Amy Schumer in its plus-size focused special edition.

If you are a plus-size, not taking charge of your wardrobe can make you feel like you’re in a fashion rut. Luckily you can go online and seek out stylish plus-size clothing from the likes of Mela Purdie, and start transforming your wardrobe from the comfort of your own home. Here are some easy ways to start.

1. Update your accessories

Look for updated versions of accessories you already like and wear. You’ll also avoid spending money on a style that you might not be comfortable with or that you rarely wear. Start by updating your old sunglasses by choosing cool pastel shades that lend a modern, chic vibe – instead of the usual black or brown frames. Drop your oversized work satchel and upgrade to an elegant leather bucket bag. Scarves are also an easy and inexpensive way to add some colour to your wardrobe.

2. Mix dressy and casual

A good trick to try is pairing a dressy bottom with a casual top. For instance, a leather skirt, maxi skirt or metallic pants with a casual top can look stylish without being OTT. If you’ve relegated those dressy clothes to the back of your closet, get them out and let the pairing begin. You’ll find the same items you wear on the bottom mixes with multiple casual tops – giving you lots of flexibility.

3. Invest in shape wear and a proper fitting bra

Shape wear should be an essential item in every plus-sized women’s closet. It will smooth out your silhouette while helping to keep everything in place. Whether you want to smooth out your top or bottom half, there is shape wear designed specifically for every area.

Many plus-sized women complain about not finding the right-sized bra for their generously proportioned bust. Get a professional bra-fitting so you know the correct size to wear. Once you know your size, you can shop online for a variety of bra styles from the privacy of your own home.

4. Take more fashion risks

Today, plus size women have moved on from wearing black, loose-fitting clothes. It’s all about experimentation – from prints and patterns through to crop tops, statement jewellery and neon colours. Get out of your comfort zone and wear clothes and accessories that you’ve never considered before. You’re sure to make some amazing discoveries while inspiring others to do the same.

5. Find plus size fashion inspiration online

You can find inspiration for plus size fashion if you know where to look. To make it easy, here are some great resources:

1. Gabi Gregg’s blog offers a wealth of great information for plus-size women. She reviews clothes from plus-size stores and expresses her opinion honestly.

2. Wrinkle is a one-stop destination for plus-size fashion featuring a wide variety of styles.

3. Alexandra Airene’s YouTube channel is for you if you’re looking for interesting discussion videos and amazing lookbooks featuring some of the best fashion for curvy women from the likes of Mela Purdie plus size and others.

4. Mo Handahu of Lion Hunter puts a fun and unique spin on plus size fashion. Her blog is for anyone wanting to stand out in the crowd and make a stylish first impression.

5. Loey Lane’s channel covers the gamut of plus size clothing, hair and make-up. Her videos are thought-provoking and she has some great tips on feminine and sensual flair.

6. Sarah Rae Vargas discusses plus size fashion and topics on body positivity and sex on her channel.

7. Megan Murphy’s YouTube channel is an excellent resource for lookbooks and key issues facing the plus-size community.

To shop for stylish plus size womens clothing in Australia, visit www.zebrano.com.au now.


Dressing for Your Body Type

pexels-photo (2).jpg

With the seasons changing in New Zealand you might want to invest in some new winter styles and pieces to get you through the next few months of cool days and even colder nights.

You probably have a favourite dress, a go-to pair of jeans or a favourite scarf to brighten up dark winter colours. Old favourites are great – yet you can always do with extra tips to help you buy clothes that will become your new favourites. And the easiest way to buy clothes to to shop with your shape in mind.

Dressing for your body type

You know your size, and like most of us, get annoyed when it varies from store to store, but do you know your body shape? Knowing whether you have a pear, apple or hourglass shape will change the way you shop for the better.

Style has nothing to do with size

No matter what your size, choosing an outfit is a whole lot easier when you know what works best for your shape. At Zebrano, our plus size clothing starts from size 16 dresses upwards but dressing for your body type is slightly different than dressing just for your size. After all, you may be a different size on the top than the bottom depending on your shape.

Knowing your body type will give you the confidence to choose pieces that make the most of your body shape as well as accurately representing your personality.


An hourglass shape is one of the most common plus size body types. Women who identify with this shape have full hips and chests with slimmer waists. Retro styled clothing suits hourglass shapes as it naturally fits your curves and gives definition to your waist.


If you are an apple shape your widest measurement will be in the middle – with your shoulders, hips and legs being slimmer in proportion. Pieces like tunic tops are a good option as they don’t cling to your middle. And dresses with straight lines and short hemlines will emphasise your great legs.


The pear is a classic plus size body shape with generous hips and bottom. To emphasise your assets – choose an A-line or volumising skirt or choose a boxy style top to give your smaller upper body a boost without minimising the appearance of your bottom.

Dressing for your body type makes shopping and styling more fun as you can be confident that the styles you choose will flatter your shape.

If you are looking for plus size outfits then Zebrano is a New Zealand based clothing company with stores across the country. They deliver plus size clothes from New Zealand and Australia’s top plus size designers and have been proactive in changing the face of and attitudes towards plus size style.

Whether you are shopping for a designer jacket, a casual pair of jeans or a classic work top – you can buy all these and more online from Zebrano’s website www.zebrano.com.au.