4 Ways to Be Your Most Stylish Self


Fashion doesn’t have to be expensive…or scary! From social media to television and billboards we are constantly bombarded by images of women in designer clothes looking stylish and successful. While some people are strong enough to resist the social and self-inflicted pressure to wear the latest trends or brands, it is common for people to splurge money they don’t have on new clothing each season.

What is “in” at the moment might not be in fashion in 6 months’ time. As well as being left with clothing that you don’t want to wear, the cycle of buying “trendy” pieces that cost the earth starts again.

Are you fed up with spending a fortune on clothing that you don’t get much wear out of and leaves you looking like everyone else? Here are 4 simple ways you can be your most stylish self…without breaking the bank or following the crowd.

4 simple ways to be your most stylish self…

1. Shop anywhere!

Don’t be a shop snob as plenty of affordable stores and online shops offer items that feature similar fashion styles without the designer price tag.

2. Don’t be a slave to fashion

Have fun with fashion and if you don’t like a trend, no matter how many people are wearing it or talking about it, don’t buy it. Forcing yourself to wear certain items you don’t like will only make you feel uncomfortable – which will knock your confidence.

3. Small things make a big impact

Do you have a favourite shirt that you love – but that you wear too much? Simple and easy ways to change up your look include adding jewellery, knotting a new scarf around your neck or tucking your shirt into some fitted jeans.

4. Dress for your body shape

Knowing whether you are pear or hourglass shape will change the way you shop forever. Once you know what suits your body type you will have more confidence to choose pieces that best suit your shape and represent your personality.

If you are classified as a plus size – different styles work differently depending on your shape. If you are based in Australia and looking for Mela Purdie plus size clothing designs – you won’t be disappointed. Mela Purdie designs are stylish, comfortable and easy to wear. Consider investing in a few key pieces of clothing from Mela Purdie today.

If you are looking for plus size clothing in Australia, Zebrano Australia offers plus size fashion, from Australia’s top plus size designers like Mela Purdie. Zebrano have been proactive in changing attitudes towards the design and style in plus size fashion and have a range of casual and designer clothing available to buy from their online store at www.zebrano.com.au.


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