9 Style Tips to Free Plus Size Women from of a Fashion Rut


Being a plus size woman, you may have you spent the past 30 minutes rummaging through your closet for something to wear, only to pull on the first thing you tried on. Perhaps you go back to your tried and tested tops, jeans and sweaters day after day even though you have a whole wardrobe full of clothes?

If you agreed with any of the above scenarios, then you may be in a style rut. Style ruts are easy to get into and luckily just as easy to get out of with the following 9 tips:

9 ways to climb out a style rut and refresh your look

1. Get organised

The first thing to do is organise your wardrobe into seasons. From here you will be able to identify what you do and don’t wear. If you haven’t worn something for a year, then you need to donate it to your local charity shop. Not only will you feel better that someone is actually getting wear out of your unworn clothing – you will also feel better that you have decluttered your wardrobe.

2. Hold a clothes swap

Get your friends together where everyone brings items of clothing they no longer wear and swap them with each other. It helps if you are the same size – but if not there are often public clothes swaps in your area so keep an eye out for them. You’ll meet new people as well as getting new clothes without having to pay anything.

3. Swap heels for flats or the other way around

Switching up your shoes can lend a totally unexpected twist to the clothes you already have and you’ll be surprised how different your clothes start to look. If you always wear flats then even a small heeled shoe can make your clothes hang differently and you will look taller.

4. Put colour with colour

You can wear colourful clothes together. You don’t have to pair your favourite lavender trousers with a black top. Try a yellow or baby blue jumper instead. Try out your colour combinations at home and have fun with them. Get discerning friends or your partner to give their advice too.

5. Exude confidence

Confidence is a key part of style so being comfortable in your clothes and wearing things you feel good in are the most important things about fashion. Check your posture. Do you slouch or slump? If so, attend a modelling class to learn how to carry your body gracefully.

6. Spend money wisely

Fashion isn’t about spending lots of money or buying every latest trend. Style is about using clothes to complement you. Style is about spending your money wisely so that you have clothing you feel fabulous in – and can create multiple outfits with different shoes, accessories and jewellery.

7. Buy a new lipstick

Invest in a new colourful lipstick and try this new colour out with different outfits. This cheap and easy style tip will really change your look without breaking the bank.

8. Invest in clothing that fits your body type

No matter what your size – choosing an outfit is a whole lot easier when you know what works best for your shape. Plus size outfits in New Zealand start from size 16 dresses upwards – however dressing for your body type is different. This is because different combinations and styles work differently depending on your shape.

9. Invest in clothing from Mela Purdie

If you are based in Australia and looking for Mela Purdie plus size clothing in New Zealand, you can choose from high quality, stylish designs that are comfortable to wear. Investing in a few key pieces of clothing from Mela Purdie will help you break out of your style rut and provide you with a timeless fashion investment.

Zebrano Australia offers plus size fashion, from Australia’s top plus size designers including Mela Purdie. Whether you are shopping for a designer jacket, a casual pair of jeans or a classic work top – you can find exactly what you need at www.zebrano.co.nz.


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