Your Easy Care Travel Wardrobe


Packing for a holiday may not be anyone’s idea of a great time, but knowing the essentials of how to do it properly can make it seem less like torture. Everyone aims to avoid airline baggage fees, and the best way to do that is to pack smartly. It’s actually possible to pack less and have just as many options as a fuller suitcase. The trick is to strategically pack the bag with pieces that coordinate with each other in a specific pattern that maximises the available space.

Maximise Space

Pack comfortable shoes around the edges of the bag. Belts, jewelry, and lingerie can fill in any gaps between the shoes. There’s no reason to leave any space open. Clothing should be laid flat on the case. It’s important for a traveler to never pack anything they wouldn’t wear at home. If they’ve never found an occasion to wear a piece before, it’s more than likely just going to take up valuable space in the suitcase.

Best Travel Clothing

Holiday clothing should be comfortable. Travelling is no fun when wearing brand new or otherwise uncomfortable clothing. There’s no need for a tourist to look like they stepped off a photo shoot. By dressing comfortably in attire that is appropriate for the climate, the trip will be a lot more enjoyable. It’s also important to pack clothing that can be worn in layers. This eliminates the need to go back to the hotel to change regularly and can help travelers make the most of their holiday.

Choosing Shades

It can be tempting to pack a lot of different outfits for a long holiday. However, if each piece in the suitcase isn’t compatible with at least two other pieces, there’s a good chance it will never be worn. By working with only a few different shades of plus size dresses in Australia that women can not only maximise their space in their bags, they can also have a more versatile wardrobe while they are on holiday. Limiting the choices makes it easier to choose something to wear and thus enables women to spend more time enjoying themselves on holiday and less time deciding on an outfit.

Pack a Backup Bag

Airlines lose luggage all the time. In most cases, the bags are located in time for the traveler to enjoy their holiday. Sometimes, this can cause a major inconvenience. That can be avoided by bringing along a backup bag of essentials. By including a bathing suit, some lingerie and an outfit to wear out the first night, a lost bag won’t cause too much stress.

Buy New Clothes

When the ultimate goal is to avoid baggage fees, one way to save a lot of money is to not pack much clothing at all. By purchasing mela purdie plus size in Australia and having it shipped to the travel destination, women can pack light on the way and, possibly, spend a little more on the way back home. Although this won’t prevent all fees, it can be a great option for those on a long holiday who will need a wide assortment of clothing. Retailers often offer deals on shipping for large orders, so doing this can further reduce travel costs.

If you don’t have the perfect clothes for your next holiday, don’t worry. Zebrano have the perfect clothing line for any plus size traveler. With a wide range of tops, bottoms, dresses and skirts, you’ll be sure to find the perfect attire for any event. Knowing the pieces can be returned if they don’t fit perfectly can give you peace of mind as you plan your next holiday. Our sizing chart will help you determine the best options so you won’t be left without something to wear for every day day of your trip. Shop online at to find the latest specials.”

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