5 Smart Strategies to Declutter Your Wardrobe


Today, fashion is a lucrative and continually growing industry. There has always been the big business side of the industry with haute couture houses and major designer brands creating limited edition sell-out pieces that create a buzz in the celebrity world. Yet now however, there is a conscious focus on the serious side of fashion – specifically where and how clothing is manufactured.

This philosophy is part of a wider social movement of awareness around how goods and products are made and how this impacts the environment and the people working in the fashion supply chain. More and more people are becoming selective about where they buy their clothing in order to support locally made, ethically sourced garments.

It is important for designers and clothing manufacturers to be able to show the life cycle of their clothing so consumers can have confidence that the fashion industry is meeting all ethical and social obligations. This new way of shopping starts with a reduction of the clothing that you already have.

Decluttering your wardrobe not only has practical benefits, but it can start you on a journey of downsizing in other areas of your life. Research has shown that downsizing and decluttering can have an enormous benefit on your mental well-being and happiness. The physical act of clearing out your wardrobe can help you feel mentally organised and give you a similar feel-good buzz to the one experienced when buying clothes.

Whether you want to go all out or have a more conservative approach to decluttering – the following 5 strategies will help in downsizing your wardrobe…

1. Sort your clothes

If you want an instant change then grab a black bin bag and separate your clothes into the following categories:

  • Clothes that don’t fit you
  • Clothes you haven’t worn in a year
  • Clothes that are uncomfortable
  • Clothes that need fixing

2. Donate clothing you no longer wear

Go through the categories mentioned above and decide whether you might fit the clothes in the future or can repair the clothes that need repair. Everything else, you can donate. This means you can get more enjoyment from the things you do have and you will be able to clearly see what you need to replace.

3. Split by season

Separate your clothing into seasons and store your out of season clothes outside your bedroom. Then as each season rolls around you can look at what you have before going out to buy more. Putting your clothes out of sight and rediscovering them can create the same chemical response in your brain as when you buy something new.

4. Box it up

If you are scared about getting rid of your clothing straight away then bag up all the clothing – you haven’t worn in one year, doesn’t fit or hasn’t been worn – and put it away safely in the garage or attic. Check back in after 6 months and if you haven’t missed them or have completely forgotten what you  have stored, then donate them.

5. Invest in smart wardrobe staples

When you invest in wardrobe staples the focus is on quality, not quantity. This change in mindset will save you money as you won’t be spending little and often on things you don’t wear, and you will be also doing your part to reduce fashion waste by buying quality pieces that will last you a long time.

Zebrano Australia is proud to supply high quality and ethically sourced fashion pieces for women sized 14 upwards. Zebrano sells plus sized clothing in Australia from a number of local and international plus size designers including the popular Mela Purdie designs.

Mela Purdie clothing is stylish, luxurious and made from quality materials. Key pieces in their collection, like their plus size dresses, will take pride of place in any wardrobe. For an extensive range of casual and designer-made quality clothing, visit Zebrano Australia www.zebrano.com.au.


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