9 Style Tips to Free Plus Size Women from of a Fashion Rut


Being a plus size woman, you may have you spent the past 30 minutes rummaging through your closet for something to wear, only to pull on the first thing you tried on. Perhaps you go back to your tried and tested tops, jeans and sweaters day after day even though you have a whole wardrobe full of clothes?

If you agreed with any of the above scenarios, then you may be in a style rut. Style ruts are easy to get into and luckily just as easy to get out of with the following 9 tips:

9 ways to climb out a style rut and refresh your look

1. Get organised

The first thing to do is organise your wardrobe into seasons. From here you will be able to identify what you do and don’t wear. If you haven’t worn something for a year, then you need to donate it to your local charity shop. Not only will you feel better that someone is actually getting wear out of your unworn clothing – you will also feel better that you have decluttered your wardrobe.

2. Hold a clothes swap

Get your friends together where everyone brings items of clothing they no longer wear and swap them with each other. It helps if you are the same size – but if not there are often public clothes swaps in your area so keep an eye out for them. You’ll meet new people as well as getting new clothes without having to pay anything.

3. Swap heels for flats or the other way around

Switching up your shoes can lend a totally unexpected twist to the clothes you already have and you’ll be surprised how different your clothes start to look. If you always wear flats then even a small heeled shoe can make your clothes hang differently and you will look taller.

4. Put colour with colour

You can wear colourful clothes together. You don’t have to pair your favourite lavender trousers with a black top. Try a yellow or baby blue jumper instead. Try out your colour combinations at home and have fun with them. Get discerning friends or your partner to give their advice too.

5. Exude confidence

Confidence is a key part of style so being comfortable in your clothes and wearing things you feel good in are the most important things about fashion. Check your posture. Do you slouch or slump? If so, attend a modelling class to learn how to carry your body gracefully.

6. Spend money wisely

Fashion isn’t about spending lots of money or buying every latest trend. Style is about using clothes to complement you. Style is about spending your money wisely so that you have clothing you feel fabulous in – and can create multiple outfits with different shoes, accessories and jewellery.

7. Buy a new lipstick

Invest in a new colourful lipstick and try this new colour out with different outfits. This cheap and easy style tip will really change your look without breaking the bank.

8. Invest in clothing that fits your body type

No matter what your size – choosing an outfit is a whole lot easier when you know what works best for your shape. Plus size outfits in New Zealand start from size 16 dresses upwards – however dressing for your body type is different. This is because different combinations and styles work differently depending on your shape.

9. Invest in clothing from Mela Purdie

If you are based in Australia and looking for Mela Purdie plus size clothing in New Zealand, you can choose from high quality, stylish designs that are comfortable to wear. Investing in a few key pieces of clothing from Mela Purdie will help you break out of your style rut and provide you with a timeless fashion investment.

Zebrano Australia offers plus size fashion, from Australia’s top plus size designers including Mela Purdie. Whether you are shopping for a designer jacket, a casual pair of jeans or a classic work top – you can find exactly what you need at www.zebrano.co.nz.

4 Ways to Be Your Most Stylish Self


Fashion doesn’t have to be expensive…or scary! From social media to television and billboards we are constantly bombarded by images of women in designer clothes looking stylish and successful. While some people are strong enough to resist the social and self-inflicted pressure to wear the latest trends or brands, it is common for people to splurge money they don’t have on new clothing each season.

What is “in” at the moment might not be in fashion in 6 months’ time. As well as being left with clothing that you don’t want to wear, the cycle of buying “trendy” pieces that cost the earth starts again.

Are you fed up with spending a fortune on clothing that you don’t get much wear out of and leaves you looking like everyone else? Here are 4 simple ways you can be your most stylish self…without breaking the bank or following the crowd.

4 simple ways to be your most stylish self…

1. Shop anywhere!

Don’t be a shop snob as plenty of affordable stores and online shops offer items that feature similar fashion styles without the designer price tag.

2. Don’t be a slave to fashion

Have fun with fashion and if you don’t like a trend, no matter how many people are wearing it or talking about it, don’t buy it. Forcing yourself to wear certain items you don’t like will only make you feel uncomfortable – which will knock your confidence.

3. Small things make a big impact

Do you have a favourite shirt that you love – but that you wear too much? Simple and easy ways to change up your look include adding jewellery, knotting a new scarf around your neck or tucking your shirt into some fitted jeans.

4. Dress for your body shape

Knowing whether you are pear or hourglass shape will change the way you shop forever. Once you know what suits your body type you will have more confidence to choose pieces that best suit your shape and represent your personality.

If you are classified as a plus size – different styles work differently depending on your shape. If you are based in Australia and looking for Mela Purdie plus size clothing designs – you won’t be disappointed. Mela Purdie designs are stylish, comfortable and easy to wear. Consider investing in a few key pieces of clothing from Mela Purdie today.

If you are looking for plus size clothing in Australia, Zebrano Australia offers plus size fashion, from Australia’s top plus size designers like Mela Purdie. Zebrano have been proactive in changing attitudes towards the design and style in plus size fashion and have a range of casual and designer clothing available to buy from their online store at www.zebrano.com.au.

5 Smart Strategies to Declutter Your Wardrobe


Today, fashion is a lucrative and continually growing industry. There has always been the big business side of the industry with haute couture houses and major designer brands creating limited edition sell-out pieces that create a buzz in the celebrity world. Yet now however, there is a conscious focus on the serious side of fashion – specifically where and how clothing is manufactured.

This philosophy is part of a wider social movement of awareness around how goods and products are made and how this impacts the environment and the people working in the fashion supply chain. More and more people are becoming selective about where they buy their clothing in order to support locally made, ethically sourced garments.

It is important for designers and clothing manufacturers to be able to show the life cycle of their clothing so consumers can have confidence that the fashion industry is meeting all ethical and social obligations. This new way of shopping starts with a reduction of the clothing that you already have.

Decluttering your wardrobe not only has practical benefits, but it can start you on a journey of downsizing in other areas of your life. Research has shown that downsizing and decluttering can have an enormous benefit on your mental well-being and happiness. The physical act of clearing out your wardrobe can help you feel mentally organised and give you a similar feel-good buzz to the one experienced when buying clothes.

Whether you want to go all out or have a more conservative approach to decluttering – the following 5 strategies will help in downsizing your wardrobe…

1. Sort your clothes

If you want an instant change then grab a black bin bag and separate your clothes into the following categories:

  • Clothes that don’t fit you
  • Clothes you haven’t worn in a year
  • Clothes that are uncomfortable
  • Clothes that need fixing

2. Donate clothing you no longer wear

Go through the categories mentioned above and decide whether you might fit the clothes in the future or can repair the clothes that need repair. Everything else, you can donate. This means you can get more enjoyment from the things you do have and you will be able to clearly see what you need to replace.

3. Split by season

Separate your clothing into seasons and store your out of season clothes outside your bedroom. Then as each season rolls around you can look at what you have before going out to buy more. Putting your clothes out of sight and rediscovering them can create the same chemical response in your brain as when you buy something new.

4. Box it up

If you are scared about getting rid of your clothing straight away then bag up all the clothing – you haven’t worn in one year, doesn’t fit or hasn’t been worn – and put it away safely in the garage or attic. Check back in after 6 months and if you haven’t missed them or have completely forgotten what you  have stored, then donate them.

5. Invest in smart wardrobe staples

When you invest in wardrobe staples the focus is on quality, not quantity. This change in mindset will save you money as you won’t be spending little and often on things you don’t wear, and you will be also doing your part to reduce fashion waste by buying quality pieces that will last you a long time.

Zebrano Australia is proud to supply high quality and ethically sourced fashion pieces for women sized 14 upwards. Zebrano sells plus sized clothing in Australia from a number of local and international plus size designers including the popular Mela Purdie designs.

Mela Purdie clothing is stylish, luxurious and made from quality materials. Key pieces in their collection, like their plus size dresses, will take pride of place in any wardrobe. For an extensive range of casual and designer-made quality clothing, visit Zebrano Australia www.zebrano.com.au.

Re-purposing Corporate Wear Into New Garments


Fashion sometimes comes under scrutiny for its manufacture and distribution processes, which often causes waste. Thankfully, there are smart initiatives out there that are trying to change this image to make fashion more environmentally focused and lessen the ecological damage that comes from the manufacture of mass produced clothing.

One example of this is Space Between – a new green business model for fashion design, developed by Massey University’s School of Design in Wellington, New Zealand. Pre and post graduation students work to address issues of waste in the fashion industry while developing their entrepreneurial capability. The fundamental focus for the students is to upcycle redundant corporate uniforms into new garments.

The project also researches strategies to help the fashion industry reach its long term target of achieving zero waste. Space Between also works with other partners in the fashion, production and retail industries to raise awareness of the ecological and environmental issues associated with mass production.

Examples like Space Between prove that the fashion industry can have an ethical production and distribution chain. If you are interested in understanding more about where your clothing comes from and how it is created then one of the easiest ways you can start your conscious consumer journey is to buy your clothing from local designers.

If you are looking for plus size clothing either in New Zealand and Australia then Mela Purdie designs, supplied by Zebrano, have a wide range of stylishly fashionable dresses, tops and pants available to buy online.

Investing in a few key pieces of Mela Purdie plus size clothing will help you dress for your body shape in a stylish and functional way – with the added benefit that you are purchasing from local designers. Browse the Zebrano online store at www.zebrano.com.au to view the full Mela Purdie plus size clothing range today.

7 Key Shopping and Style Tips for Australian Plus-size Women


Since 1994, there has been a tremendous growth in the plus-size clothes market in Australia. Most of the primary department stores manufacture their own personal plus size brand ranges and there has been a rise in the number of individual boutiques offering plus size clothing.

Before we begin discussing the subject of dressing according to your body type it is helpful to understand what is meant by a plus-size in Australia. In Australia, a plus-size woman would possibly be buying clothing that starts from size 16. Which styles are flattering on plus-size bodies? Which plus-size dresses are currently trending in Australia?

When dressing for your body type, it is best to celebrate your shape and look for clothing that will accentuate and flatter your shape. Start by knowing your proportions as this makes buying clothes a lot easier.

Not all plus-size women look the same. You might be top-heavy, or have a fuller lower body. The range of plus size clothing in New Zealand and Australia from Mela Purdie suits all plus sizes and shapes. Mela Purdie features beautiful and trendy casual clothing as well as formal dresses for women.

Here are some general shopping tips and dressing ideas for plus-size women in Australia:

  • If you are heavier on the top (apple shape), keep the focus away from the waist, shoulders and arms. Basically, you don’t want to attract attention to your midriff area. Instead, focus on your bust area and neck. Choose V-neck dresses and tops and avoid round-necks and turtlenecks.

    On the lower part of your body, pick flared pants instead of skinny or straight-leg trousers as this will help balance out wide shoulders. Wearing bottoms that are right below the hipbone, draws the focus away from your midriff.

  • If you have a fuller bottom (pear shape) there are things you can do to make your bottom appear slimmer. Wear tops and dresses which enhance your shoulders and avoid tights or pants which have a narrowing effect on your legs. Instead, wear slightly flared or straight-leg pants with a pair of heels.

    Ankle hugging skinny pants will make the bottom look fuller than it is and pants with a lot of flare will possibly make you look bow-legged. Try waist-clinching full length or knee-length dresses as these draw the attention to your slimmer waist.

  • Printed maxi dresses are a huge fashion trend right now and look stunning on plus-sized women, especially in pretty prints. Maxi dresses suit both casual and formal occasions and only require delicate accessorizing.
  • Remember swing dresses? The peplum-shaped hem and uneven silhouette helps in balancing your figure while offering a leg-lengthening effect. Also, try looking for swing dresses which have cap sleeves as well as shallow necklines.
  • A simple and casual ensemble could be a pair of leggings paired with a stylish tunic. Again, uneven hems are a popular style statement right now. You could also opt for peplum style tunics in bold colours.
  • Darker shades add to an over-all slimming effect. If you are bottom heavy – choose darker colours on your lower half. And if you are top heavy – opt for darker colours on top.
  • Mela Purdie plus size clothing celebrates shapely women. The range includes layered skirts, maxi dresses, palazzo tops and seamless leggings. You will find clothing that suits your size, style and budget at www.zebrano.com.au. Visit the Zebrano online store to view their full Mela Purdie plus size clothing range today.

3 Innovative Ways to Refresh Your Wardrobe

pexels-photo (1)

Every morning, we stand in front of our wardrobe, trying to pick something that makes us look different. But often we end up falling into the same old routine of wearing a pair of jeans and favourite top on the weekend and reaching for our trusted suit for work. There are days we genuinely don’t have the time to select something stylish and on other days, we just want to feel secure in our most comfortable clothes.

So how exactly should we go about refreshing our wardrobe? One of the easiest ways for women, including plus sized women, to break out of a style rut is to attempt small, regular changes.

3 Easy Tips to Refresh Your Fashion Closet

1. Make a simple swap

If you wear plus-size jeans and leggings on a daily basis – a simple swap is all it takes. Try replacing your denim jeans with a denim skirt. A skirt will make you look different in an instant and enhance your body shape. You can achieve a feminine plus size silhouette by experimenting with different cuts, colours and fabrics.

2. Get rid of surplus t-shirts

T-shirts are commonly reported as being the item bought by plus size women the most.
It is time to throw out some of those old, boring t-shirts that have become a staple of your plus-size wardrobe. There is an extensive range of tunics and flared tops available online today with Australian plus-size clothing collections being constantly updated. An easy place to start shopping is online at Zebrano. Zebrano sell a range of designer plus size outfits in New Zealand and Australia such as dresses, skirts, tops and pieces by designers such as Mela Purdie.

3. Accessorise!

The easiest and most cost-effective way to refresh your wardrobe is to update your accessories. To avoid forking out too much money, you can swap accessories with friends or visit second-hand shops to find unique pieces of costume jewellery, scarves or brooches.

Try some of these tips and ideas to refresh your plus-size wardrobe and feel your confidence rise. Remember to visit Zebrano at www.zebrano.com.au for beautiful plus size fashion inspiration.

4-Point Plan to Clear Your Wardrobe for New Purchases


Almost all women tend to procrastinate when it comes to decluttering their wardrobes. It can be quite overwhelming to see piles and piles of clothing falling out of your closet, making it hard to feel organised. You may be guilty of forgetting which items you have and hoarding clothing you haven’t worn for years.

Like anything else you have been putting off, once you decide to start – the process can be enjoyable. And same can be said for decluttering your wardrobe. Here are some simple tips to help you get organised in no time.

• Tip#1: Dedicate a weekend and get your boxes ready

At the very least, you need to take out a few hours from your day to complete this task. It is even better if you can dedicate an entire weekend to this task. Just make sure you have enough boxes or black bags on hand.

First, take out everything from your wardrobe. Why? Because if you don’t do this then you cannot see everything you own. Once everything has been taken out, then start sorting through your clothes into two piles. One to keep and one to give away.

• Tip#2: Categorise your clothes

Next turn your attention to the pile of clothes you want to keep. Divide up your clothes into two further sections – winter/autumn and summer/spring. Then within these two piles narrow down your clothes into multiple clothing categories.

This way you’ll easily be able to spot your clothes every morning and avoid wasting time looking for them everywhere. Also, remember to utilise the available space properly. For example, you could install shelves to double up the storage space or install a shoe rack.

• Tip#3: Make a note of what you need

You will notice that when you declutter your wardrobe, you will end up getting rid of old styles which may no longer appeal to you. With ‘gaps’ in your wardrobe, now is the time to make a list of the garments you need that are missing.

Research plus-size clothing trends so you can keep adding new styles to your existing wardrobe. Besides clothing, you can also revamp your wardrobe by adding new accessories. Pairing your outfits with a nice piece of jewellery or scarf of even a hair accessory can instantly uplift your overall image.

• Tip#4: Try new styles

Does your wardrobe look like it hasn’t changed in the last five years? Why not experiment with new styles. Often plus-sized women restrict themselves to wearing certain kinds of clothes. While it is true that you should dress according to your body type, it is fun to experiment with different styles, shapes and colours. You might be used to wearing a pair of leggings and a long t-shirt. Instead you can consider trying on a dress that might be flattering to your shape.

You can find a range of plus size clothing in New Zealand and Australia including brands like Mela Purdie. Mela Purdie plus size dresses are an excellent option if you want to update your wardrobe. You can find a variety of tunics, tops, long shirts, dresses, skirts and trendy pants in the exclusive Mela Purdie plus size clothing range created for Australian women.

Who said plus-size clothing has to be boring? Discover the joy of dressing with Mela Purdie’s plus-size clothes collection – which you can buy online via Zebrano at www.zebrano.com.au.