Dress for Success at Your Holiday Party


Australians love parties and look forward to holiday parties all year long, with the possible exception of the office Christmas party. The office party may be the only occasion all year when it’s possible to mingle socially with everyone in the company, from the CEO on down. This is a great opportunity to impress decision-makers, but should not be treated lightly. Deciding what to wear can be challenging for anyone, including those wearing plus size womens clothing in Australia.

What Not to Wear

The guiding rule could be, “If in doubt, don’t wear it.” This is especially true if the party is a formal or semi-formal affair. Not only will the boss be attending, but the boss’s boss and their spouses or partners. Look elegant, not sexy. Impress with poise and confidence, not with plunging necklines. Careers can be made or destroyed at a company party.


Too-revealing or sheer clothing
Outfits that are too casual for the occasion
Too-heavy makeup. Go for a classic, natural look
Too much jewellery.

When picking an outfit, think first about your body type, not your age.

While basic black is considered safe, don’t wear it if it doesn’t suit you. Forest green, navy, or burgundy might be better choices
Consider an elegant pants and top outfit if you don’t feel like wearing a dress
Matching hose or tight colors to the outfit creates a slimmer silhouette for anyone, including those wearing plus size womens clothing
Simplicity is better than anything that is over-fussy.

A Few Suggestions…

Lovely Lace by Chocolat – slimming lace, short sleeves, scooped neckline
Chic Chiffon by Obi – black chiffon underdress, white chiffon tunic with black chiffon shawl
Savanna Style by Chocolat – black sheath dress with black and white patterned thigh-high jacket
Shoulder Showstopper by Chocolat – semi-sheer dress with cut-out shoulder, revealing but classy
The Long and the Short by Chocolat – long floaty tee combined with 7/8 pants.

All of the above outfits and many more that are suitable for office parties, barbecues, or everyday wear can be found at Zebrano Australia (www.zebrano.com.au). They specialise in plus size womens clothing in Australia and can be found in stores throughout Australia or online. In addition to Chocolat and Obi, Zebrano carries designer clothing from Mela Purdie, Moss, Lala, Banana Blue and other favorites.

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