Are You a Plus-size Women? 5 Easy Ways to Update Your Wardrobe


The $17.5 billion plus-size apparel market is experiencing a boom. There are two main reasons for this development. One, older consumers are becoming more confident and experimenting with fashion like they never did previously. Also, an increasing number of younger customers who seek plus size clothing in Australia want to wear the same fashions as others.

There is also a growing focus on plus-size beauties in the fashion industry and the celebration of real women with curves. The 2016 swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated featured plus-size model Ashley Graham. And Glamour magazine recently included comedienne Amy Schumer in its plus-size focused special edition.

If you are a plus-size, not taking charge of your wardrobe can make you feel like you’re in a fashion rut. Luckily you can go online and seek out stylish plus-size clothing from the likes of Mela Purdie, and start transforming your wardrobe from the comfort of your own home. Here are some easy ways to start.

1. Update your accessories

Look for updated versions of accessories you already like and wear. You’ll also avoid spending money on a style that you might not be comfortable with or that you rarely wear. Start by updating your old sunglasses by choosing cool pastel shades that lend a modern, chic vibe – instead of the usual black or brown frames. Drop your oversized work satchel and upgrade to an elegant leather bucket bag. Scarves are also an easy and inexpensive way to add some colour to your wardrobe.

2. Mix dressy and casual

A good trick to try is pairing a dressy bottom with a casual top. For instance, a leather skirt, maxi skirt or metallic pants with a casual top can look stylish without being OTT. If you’ve relegated those dressy clothes to the back of your closet, get them out and let the pairing begin. You’ll find the same items you wear on the bottom mixes with multiple casual tops – giving you lots of flexibility.

3. Invest in shape wear and a proper fitting bra

Shape wear should be an essential item in every plus-sized women’s closet. It will smooth out your silhouette while helping to keep everything in place. Whether you want to smooth out your top or bottom half, there is shape wear designed specifically for every area.

Many plus-sized women complain about not finding the right-sized bra for their generously proportioned bust. Get a professional bra-fitting so you know the correct size to wear. Once you know your size, you can shop online for a variety of bra styles from the privacy of your own home.

4. Take more fashion risks

Today, plus size women have moved on from wearing black, loose-fitting clothes. It’s all about experimentation – from prints and patterns through to crop tops, statement jewellery and neon colours. Get out of your comfort zone and wear clothes and accessories that you’ve never considered before. You’re sure to make some amazing discoveries while inspiring others to do the same.

5. Find plus size fashion inspiration online

You can find inspiration for plus size fashion if you know where to look. To make it easy, here are some great resources:

1. Gabi Gregg’s blog offers a wealth of great information for plus-size women. She reviews clothes from plus-size stores and expresses her opinion honestly.

2. Wrinkle is a one-stop destination for plus-size fashion featuring a wide variety of styles.

3. Alexandra Airene’s YouTube channel is for you if you’re looking for interesting discussion videos and amazing lookbooks featuring some of the best fashion for curvy women from the likes of Mela Purdie plus size and others.

4. Mo Handahu of Lion Hunter puts a fun and unique spin on plus size fashion. Her blog is for anyone wanting to stand out in the crowd and make a stylish first impression.

5. Loey Lane’s channel covers the gamut of plus size clothing, hair and make-up. Her videos are thought-provoking and she has some great tips on feminine and sensual flair.

6. Sarah Rae Vargas discusses plus size fashion and topics on body positivity and sex on her channel.

7. Megan Murphy’s YouTube channel is an excellent resource for lookbooks and key issues facing the plus-size community.

To shop for stylish plus size womens clothing in Australia, visit now.


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