From the Catwalk to Your Home Make the Latest Fashion Trends Work for You


Stripes, bold prints, florals, sheers, ruffles, slip dresses, flats or boots? Whatever the latest fashion trend in New Zealand take a good look at your current wardrobe to see what new pieces will make good additions. Nothing worse than new clothes on hangars in your wardrobe that never get worn because you don’t have anything to wear them with or an occasion to wear them to!

The key to making the latest fashion trends work for you is to have a great base in your wardrobe of timeless pieces. A few key pieces, for example simple black pants, a black slip dress, a couple of neutral coloured tops (beige and white are classic) in simple styles are classic pieces. You can then update your wardrobe with a few purchases each season to compliment those you already have. Sometimes you may only need to update your accessories: a new scarf, necklace or earrings to be on trend for the season. No need to spend your hard-earned cash on items you may never wear!

“Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers, and style is what you choose.” (Lauren Hutton)

Items you choose should be comfortable and flattering to your body shape. A well designed top can skim over the areas you want to hide without compromising on style. Material choice is important too, flimsy sheers looks fabulous but require hand washing and can snag easily and then they are ruined. Bold, wide, brightly coloured stripes may look fabulous on the catwalk models as do the high neck ruffles and dangerously sheer dresses, but do those looks transfer well to everyday wear?

The high street fashion trends will take inspiration from the catwalk shows, so colours, prints and styles will filter down and be suitably tamed so you can actually wear them. Each season there are new releases of items you must have and walking around surrounded by the racks of designs can be overwhelming. Understand your clothing personality, what are you drawn to and what do you wear? Get to know what styles actually suit your shape and are flattering. If you are looking for a new top, wear your favourite pants or skirt to the shops to try on with those that catch your eye.

Sometimes it can be easier to shop online especially if you are what the industry considers plus size and fit more in the range 14 to 24 than you do size 14 and under. The high street stores do not always cater so well for the plus size fashion market. Checks and stripes are bold in black and white this season for a classic colour combination.

Fashion designer Mela Purdie has taken these colour and pattern trends and created pieces to flatter the shape of women in sizes 14 to 24. Mela Purdie is just one of the designers featured by Zebrano. We do take pre-orders of Mela Purdi plus size fashion and other items so you don’t miss out on your new favourite piece. At Zebrano we feature a range of designers with styles available to order online and have shipped to New Zealand. Our website is a great visual resource for plus size fashion inspiration. For plus size shopping online you will find a great range at sensible prices with Zebrano at


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