Dressing for Your Body Type

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With the seasons changing in New Zealand you might want to invest in some new winter styles and pieces to get you through the next few months of cool days and even colder nights.

You probably have a favourite dress, a go-to pair of jeans or a favourite scarf to brighten up dark winter colours. Old favourites are great – yet you can always do with extra tips to help you buy clothes that will become your new favourites. And the easiest way to buy clothes to to shop with your shape in mind.

Dressing for your body type

You know your size, and like most of us, get annoyed when it varies from store to store, but do you know your body shape? Knowing whether you have a pear, apple or hourglass shape will change the way you shop for the better.

Style has nothing to do with size

No matter what your size, choosing an outfit is a whole lot easier when you know what works best for your shape. At Zebrano, our plus size clothing starts from size 16 dresses upwards but dressing for your body type is slightly different than dressing just for your size. After all, you may be a different size on the top than the bottom depending on your shape.

Knowing your body type will give you the confidence to choose pieces that make the most of your body shape as well as accurately representing your personality.


An hourglass shape is one of the most common plus size body types. Women who identify with this shape have full hips and chests with slimmer waists. Retro styled clothing suits hourglass shapes as it naturally fits your curves and gives definition to your waist.


If you are an apple shape your widest measurement will be in the middle – with your shoulders, hips and legs being slimmer in proportion. Pieces like tunic tops are a good option as they don’t cling to your middle. And dresses with straight lines and short hemlines will emphasise your great legs.


The pear is a classic plus size body shape with generous hips and bottom. To emphasise your assets – choose an A-line or volumising skirt or choose a boxy style top to give your smaller upper body a boost without minimising the appearance of your bottom.

Dressing for your body type makes shopping and styling more fun as you can be confident that the styles you choose will flatter your shape.

If you are looking for plus size outfits then Zebrano is a New Zealand based clothing company with stores across the country. They deliver plus size clothes from New Zealand and Australia’s top plus size designers and have been proactive in changing the face of and attitudes towards plus size style.

Whether you are shopping for a designer jacket, a casual pair of jeans or a classic work top – you can buy all these and more online from Zebrano’s website www.zebrano.com.au.

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