Summer or Beach Wedding Wear Styles


You deserve to have your wedding day be a perfect celebration of your romance. Summer is an excellent time to hold your marriage ceremony and there are some amazing fashions to help accentuate your big day. Australian company Zebrano and their Mela Purdie design team offer exquisite plus size pieces for your summer or beach wedding.

Dressing for Your Wedding in the Sun

Whether you’re the bride, a bridesmaid, or a witness, at a wedding everyone should look their best. Fashion is an oft times over looked aspect of a wedding celebration but designs from Zebrano can have you looking fabulous for the ceremony. Flowing dresses and open styles are an elegant staple of summer and beach fashion for women as well as Mela Purdie’s signature designs.

For a more orthodox bride look the Georgette Asymmetric tunic, as well as the similar duster, make for a standout top or dress. Done in bright gold, either is perfect for giving you that beautiful glow on your wedding day.

For a more individualized look, the Mela Purdie Mousseline Trapeze Dress in Gauva is a colorful and distinctive dress for looking your most beautiful as you walk down the aisle. Also offered by Mela Purdie are the Apex Dress and All Season Dress. Both designs utilize dark fabrics but are loose and sleek pieces, perfect for a bride to be searching for a more personal wedding gown.

For guests or bridesmaids, both the Flora Nova Sway Dress and the Spear Print Audrey Dress are fantastic pattern based designs for a sophisticated summer fashion. The Mousseline Split Duster as well as the Gingham Studded Trapeze Dress are excellent choices for a magnificent unconventional look.

Designing the Perfect Fashions for Your Wedding Ceremony

Beginning her career in 1993 by winning five Australian Fashion Industry Awards for Lifestyle Fashion, Mela Purdie has perfected her style of simple, sophisticated designs ever since. Mela uses the most high quality textured knits, stretch suiting and laces, as well as the opulent travel Cashmere for all of her designs. Calling her work “Solutions to dressing for life on the move” Mela makes sure every design does not crush, will retain their shape, are durable, and are comfortable in all climates, making Mela’s designs the perfect fashion for your summer or beach wedding.

Zebrano, in conjunction with Mela Purdie plus size clothing in New Zealand, offers some of the best plus size options for summer and beach weddings. With invigorating new looks in plus size fashion New Zealand, Zebrano has something for every woman, no matter your style. In addition to the options listed above, Zebrano and Mela Purdie have a large range of designs, featuring grand plus size dresses, open skirts, and chic pant options, to have you looking your most incredible for your wedding ceremony.

If you’re looking for plus size fashion inspiration for your beach or summer wedding look no further than Zebrano and Mela Purdie design. For the upmost in plus size shopping online visit Zebrano at Whether you are a member of the wedding party, the bride, or a guest of honor, Zebrano has the plus size fashions you’re after for your beach or summer wedding!

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