Re-purposing Corporate Wear Into New Garments


Fashion sometimes comes under scrutiny for its manufacture and distribution processes, which often causes waste. Thankfully, there are smart initiatives out there that are trying to change this image to make fashion more environmentally focused and lessen the ecological damage that comes from the manufacture of mass produced clothing.

One example of this is Space Between – a new green business model for fashion design, developed by Massey University’s School of Design in Wellington, New Zealand. Pre and post graduation students work to address issues of waste in the fashion industry while developing their entrepreneurial capability. The fundamental focus for the students is to upcycle redundant corporate uniforms into new garments.

The project also researches strategies to help the fashion industry reach its long term target of achieving zero waste. Space Between also works with other partners in the fashion, production and retail industries to raise awareness of the ecological and environmental issues associated with mass production.

Examples like Space Between prove that the fashion industry can have an ethical production and distribution chain. If you are interested in understanding more about where your clothing comes from and how it is created then one of the easiest ways you can start your conscious consumer journey is to buy your clothing from local designers.

If you are looking for plus size clothing either in New Zealand and Australia then Mela Purdie designs, supplied by Zebrano, have a wide range of stylishly fashionable dresses, tops and pants available to buy online.

Investing in a few key pieces of Mela Purdie plus size clothing will help you dress for your body shape in a stylish and functional way – with the added benefit that you are purchasing from local designers. Browse the Zebrano online store at to view the full Mela Purdie plus size clothing range today.


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