3 Innovative Ways to Refresh Your Wardrobe

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Every morning, we stand in front of our wardrobe, trying to pick something that makes us look different. But often we end up falling into the same old routine of wearing a pair of jeans and favourite top on the weekend and reaching for our trusted suit for work. There are days we genuinely don’t have the time to select something stylish and on other days, we just want to feel secure in our most comfortable clothes.

So how exactly should we go about refreshing our wardrobe? One of the easiest ways for women, including plus sized women, to break out of a style rut is to attempt small, regular changes.

3 Easy Tips to Refresh Your Fashion Closet

1. Make a simple swap

If you wear plus-size jeans and leggings on a daily basis – a simple swap is all it takes. Try replacing your denim jeans with a denim skirt. A skirt will make you look different in an instant and enhance your body shape. You can achieve a feminine plus size silhouette by experimenting with different cuts, colours and fabrics.

2. Get rid of surplus t-shirts

T-shirts are commonly reported as being the item bought by plus size women the most.
It is time to throw out some of those old, boring t-shirts that have become a staple of your plus-size wardrobe. There is an extensive range of tunics and flared tops available online today with Australian plus-size clothing collections being constantly updated. An easy place to start shopping is online at Zebrano. Zebrano sell a range of designer plus size outfits in New Zealand and Australia such as dresses, skirts, tops and pieces by designers such as Mela Purdie.

3. Accessorise!

The easiest and most cost-effective way to refresh your wardrobe is to update your accessories. To avoid forking out too much money, you can swap accessories with friends or visit second-hand shops to find unique pieces of costume jewellery, scarves or brooches.

Try some of these tips and ideas to refresh your plus-size wardrobe and feel your confidence rise. Remember to visit Zebrano at www.zebrano.com.au for beautiful plus size fashion inspiration.


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