How to Celebrate Being a Plus Size Woman


As a plus size woman, you’ve probably thought about how being slimmer could help you look much better. You could wear anything you wanted and not worry about people giving you judgmental looks. But, this is exactly the kind of thinking that leads you into a fashion rut. The truth is that it doesn’t matter what size you are. You can always look good if you choose colours and shapes that flatter you size and emphasis your assets.

It is important you hold your head high and celebrate being a plus size woman. If you spend time worrying about your weight, you may end up developing an attitude that you don’t have the time to look your best. Sadly, this attitude doesn’t help and it can actually end up making you look worse. Take note of the following tips to help you accept and celebrate being a plus size woman…

Get inspiration

Start celebrating your plus size status by browsing Zebrano. Zebrano is a plus size fashion retailer based in Australia. Visit for inspiring styles that will make you realise your size is perfect exactly as it is.

Face your insecurities

Identify all the reasons that you feel inferior as a plus size woman. Once you identify those reasons, face them head on. Stop giving yourself a hard time by brainstorming the small changes you can make to start looking and feeling your best.

Stop obsessing

Stop obsessing over your size and start dressing up. Pick plus size clothing that suits your particular size and shape. No matter how big you are, there are going to be areas of your body that still look great so identify clothes that emphasise those areas.

Seek fashion advice

If you have friends who understand fashion, then don’t think twice about getting fashion advice from them. Call them over to your house and go through your wardrobe together. You’ll gain both renewed self-confidence and a new fashion perspective.

If you would like more tips on plus size clothing or further information on plus size fashion, visit Zebrano at Zebrano sells some of the best plus size clothing in Australia from designers such as Mela Purdie.


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