Finding Plus Size Fashion Inspiration on 3 Popular Social Media Sites


One of the best ways to find fashion inspiration and keep up to date with the latest trends is to use the internet. There are plenty of resources available to help you gain a few ideas on plus size clothing in Australia. For instance, the Zebrano website, selling Mela Purdie plus size clothing website is a great place to start. Visit now. Besides Zebrano, here are three popular social media sites for plus size fashion to draw inspiration from…


With Pinterest you can follow several boards on plus size fashion and even “pin” the images you like. You can also share your interests on the platform by creating a board for yourself. Use this board to pin and highlight styles, trends and ideas that you find appealing. This can open up avenues for discussion with friends and followers. You might gain interesting ideas and perspectives in return.

However, make sure you follow as many boards as possible. Don’t just stick to a few. The more, the merrier. Following a select few boards will not give you the inspiration you’re looking for. There are plenty of options on Pinterest, so feel free to let your hair down and explore.


Tumblr offers advantages that Pinterest doesn’t. For starters, the content on Tumblr isn’t curated, which means you can find so much more than what you would normally find on Pinterest. Secondly, you also get to look at a combination of videos, images, and texts. Finally, Tumblr offers anonymity. If you don’t like having friends or loved ones following you, then Tumblr is a great alternative.


Polyvore is a website that lets you learn and take part in creating the latest fashion trends. The site lets you clip fashion items that you find on the internet. For instance, if you spot a plus size wedding gown somewhere, you can “clip” it and save it onto your Polyvore account.

You can also follow other people on the site and look at the emergence of new plus size labels and fashion trends – as well as regular fashion trends. However, the best part about Polyvore is that you can actually buy clothing from it. Have your credit card handy!

For more tips on plus size clothing or to find sominspiration on plus size fashion in New Zealand and Australia, please visit Zebrano at They sell plus size tunics, top, dresses and pants with speedy delivery throughout Australia and New Zealand.


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