4-Point Plan to Clear Your Wardrobe for New Purchases


Almost all women tend to procrastinate when it comes to decluttering their wardrobes. It can be quite overwhelming to see piles and piles of clothing falling out of your closet, making it hard to feel organised. You may be guilty of forgetting which items you have and hoarding clothing you haven’t worn for years.

Like anything else you have been putting off, once you decide to start – the process can be enjoyable. And same can be said for decluttering your wardrobe. Here are some simple tips to help you get organised in no time.

• Tip#1: Dedicate a weekend and get your boxes ready

At the very least, you need to take out a few hours from your day to complete this task. It is even better if you can dedicate an entire weekend to this task. Just make sure you have enough boxes or black bags on hand.

First, take out everything from your wardrobe. Why? Because if you don’t do this then you cannot see everything you own. Once everything has been taken out, then start sorting through your clothes into two piles. One to keep and one to give away.

• Tip#2: Categorise your clothes

Next turn your attention to the pile of clothes you want to keep. Divide up your clothes into two further sections – winter/autumn and summer/spring. Then within these two piles narrow down your clothes into multiple clothing categories.

This way you’ll easily be able to spot your clothes every morning and avoid wasting time looking for them everywhere. Also, remember to utilise the available space properly. For example, you could install shelves to double up the storage space or install a shoe rack.

• Tip#3: Make a note of what you need

You will notice that when you declutter your wardrobe, you will end up getting rid of old styles which may no longer appeal to you. With ‘gaps’ in your wardrobe, now is the time to make a list of the garments you need that are missing.

Research plus-size clothing trends so you can keep adding new styles to your existing wardrobe. Besides clothing, you can also revamp your wardrobe by adding new accessories. Pairing your outfits with a nice piece of jewellery or scarf of even a hair accessory can instantly uplift your overall image.

• Tip#4: Try new styles

Does your wardrobe look like it hasn’t changed in the last five years? Why not experiment with new styles. Often plus-sized women restrict themselves to wearing certain kinds of clothes. While it is true that you should dress according to your body type, it is fun to experiment with different styles, shapes and colours. You might be used to wearing a pair of leggings and a long t-shirt. Instead you can consider trying on a dress that might be flattering to your shape.

You can find a range of plus size clothing in New Zealand and Australia including brands like Mela Purdie. Mela Purdie plus size dresses are an excellent option if you want to update your wardrobe. You can find a variety of tunics, tops, long shirts, dresses, skirts and trendy pants in the exclusive Mela Purdie plus size clothing range created for Australian women.

Who said plus-size clothing has to be boring? Discover the joy of dressing with Mela Purdie’s plus-size clothes collection – which you can buy online via Zebrano at www.zebrano.com.au.


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