8 Fashion Secrets Every Plus Size Woman Must Know


The Australian plus-size clothing market has grown steadily since 1994. Not only have most major department stores established their own range of plus-size clothes, but a number of individual brick-and-mortar boutiques and online stores have set up shop to serve the needs of women who wear a dress size of 16 and above. The plus size clothing revolution is upon us, and you have more choices than ever before to flaunt your individual style.

What is considered plus-size?

In Australia, plus-size garments are considered to be size 16 and up, which is the equivalent of a US size 12.

How to dress for your size

Regardless of size, every woman wants to find clothes that accentuate their best features. This is why you should find out what type of clothing suits you so you have your base wardrobe ready to wear. Most women find that having a small number of outfits that fit well and are versatile enough to be used for different occasions is more helpful, and certainly more affordable, that buying lots of different clothes that you may try on in the store but never wear again.

Core wardrobe staples, like plus size skirts, pants, tops and dresses, that are modern and well-made are classic styles that suit plus size women and can be easily changed up with accessories and shoes.

What is the secret to making fashion work for you?

The secret to making fashion work for a plus size woman is comprised of multiple factors. Below you will discover 8 secrets to finding the perfect plus size clothing and plus size dresses in Australia. Discover how to choose clothing that suits your body type, how to pick your size from a sizing chart and where to find the best deals for plus size clothing on-line.

1. Fashion is for everyone

A lot of larger women tend to wear oversized clothing to hide their body and feel like certain fashion trends are not able to be worn by them which is far from true. You can be comfortable, look stylish and emphasis your curves with Mela Purdie plus size designed clothing. Mela Purdie clothing flatters your body shape and brings the latest catwalk styles to everyday Australian women.

2. Choose where you draw attention to

The trick with putting any outfit together is to only draw attention to one area of your body at a time. There may also be areas of your body you don’t particularly want to emphasise with your clothing. For example, if you feel self-conscious about your rear – avoid purchasing jeans with embroidery, studs or embellishments that draw attention to the back pockets.

4. Work out your correct size

Before you start looking for clothing it is important to know your correct size. Finding clothing that fits well and feels comfortable the first time you try it on is a great feeling. Most stores will have measuring services but here’s how to accurately take your measurements at home.

Lift both your arms out to the side. With a measuring tape, measure around the fullest part of your chest.

Position your legs together. Measure around the fullest part of your hips. Usually, this is 20cm down from the waist.

Keeping the tape measure comfortably loose, measure around the thinnest part of your body – the waistline.

5. Use colour

Colour blocking is a fun fashion trend which works really well for plus sized women. If bright colours aren’t your thing – you can colour block with shades of black, grey, white and navy.  Try a neutral shade on the areas you want to downplay and a bolder colour in the places where you want to emphasise your curves.

6. Find the right fabric

Go for classic designs and clean cuts instead of fussy fabrics and frills. Here are some of the best types of fabric to look for when choosing your wardrobe.

  • Natural fibres fit like a dream and include silk, cotton, linen and hemp.
  • Patterns that work best include colour blocking, stripes, embroidery and small patterns in mild colours.
  • Pants in rayon, cotton and denim fit well and are flattering to most body shapes.

7. Think length

Longer tops are more flattering because they elongate your torso and you can dress them up or down depending where you are wearing them. Long tops are also a great addition to your work wardrobe and for casual wear.

8. Get the cut right

A structured dress, such as an A-line works very well on a fuller figure. Also try out knee-length dresses that flaunt your legs and make you look taller. If you have a full hour-glass figure, pencil skirts, A-line skirts and wrap dresses will look great on you. Check out Mela Purdie from Zebrano Australia for plus size clothing that combines style, quality and comfort.

Fashion works for everyone – the trick is finding out what looks best on you and creating a signature style that you enjoy wearing. For more inspiration on Australian plus size fashion visit www.zebrano.com.au to view dresses, skirts and tops by plus size designers like Mela Purdie.


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